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Smart Compressor Control Project Gallery

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“We are always looking at introducing new technologies to further reduce utility spend as this is one of our client’s largest cost. We met with the Falkonair Team to gain an understanding of how the SCC/VFD system could benefit our clients with a conservative projection of 25% and after being presented the technology it made sense to trial. It has been 5 months now and the system exceeds all expectations of savings. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what further savings can be achieved in the height of summer this year...”
Leonel Trujillo, CEO: Inland Mechanical Services

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“Over the past 18-months I have continued to monitor the effectiveness of the system and comparative days of no sunlight versus days of good light. The initial efficiencies remain as projected.  The plus side which is not shown is the that we have not had the failure rate with compressors since we installed. Prior to installation we changed on average 3 per year at a cost of around £7k per unit, we have only replaced one compressor since the installation over 18-months, and in fairness that was 16 years old.”