Mission Statement

At Falkonair, we are committed to innovating new technologies that reduce energy consumption for the HVAC-R industry.

A Message From Our CEO

With Falkonair innovations, you can quickly stand out as an industry leader in your area. Our team is here to support you and your companies growth with advanced technologies in HVACR energy efficiency. Reach out today for more info and set your company apart from the pack.

Falkonair Innovations

We are a company pioneering the use of green, efficient eco-energy HVAC-R solutions. Changing how heating and cooling systems operate and consume power. We thrive for the conscious awareness to reduce energy consumption for industrial, commercial and residential cooling and heating applications.


Return of Investment - ROI

Your ROI determines our success. It is the foundation we build our company on. The better your return the more we grow. It is our mission to not only produce quality products but excel in accomplishing above and beyond financial expectations.

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Falkonair solutions are cost effective energy innovations providing unprecedented savings unlike any other HVAC-R systems in the world.

Transforming Efficiency

Commercial refrigeration is one of the largest consumers of electricity in today's world.

Our innovative single and multiplex solar thermal systems reduce the energy consumption on variable speed, multi-staged and inverter systems by up to 35%.

Our thermal collection systems can be installed on all sizes of commercial refrigeration by simply retrofitting onto the client's existing systems.

Maximizing compressor life span while qualifying for several tax incentives that make for high return on investments.


This process adds an element of the heat via the F1 SolarThermal collector, which would under normal circumstances be generated by the compressor. Allowing the compressor or compressors to unload, or slow down resulting in energy savings. This process increases the velocity at which the refrigerant exits the F1 Series Collector and therefore assists in the heat transfer process at the condensation point. Improved liquid flow reduces or completely eradicates any flash gas which increases the cooling capacity at the evaporator. Remember, the compressors job is two-fold; to pressurize the refrigerant and to increase the refrigerants temperature, ensuring an improved DeltaT at the condenser. Heat is not simply a by-product of the pressurization process, pressure and heat are both required. Today’s staged and variable speed compressors are key factors for the F1 Collector to properly save energy. So, now we have a system with a considerably improved correlation between demand and production. The compressor, which has the ability to modulate on a variable or staged system can now take advantage of the sun to efficiently heat and cool...