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VMF Package

Variable Mass Flow (VMF) Package with Smart Compressor Control Optimization

VMF Package
  • Energy efficient compressor control with ‘Plug & Play’ control & set up
  • No intrusion into the refrigeration cycle
  • Similar to VRF inverter control technology
  • Reliable on low charged working system
  • Only solution to deliver savings up to 35%+
  • For reciprocating compressor use model SCC1B
  • Live cloud monitoring coming soon

Smart Compressor Control - SCCV2

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The SCCV2 controller operates the same as the SCCV1 with these additional features:

  • Live cloud monitoring
  • Four compressor control
  • AI algorithm performance and control
  • Alarm automatic sending facility
  • Operational update condition
  • For reciprocating compressor use model SCC2B
  • Available with UL listing soon
F1 panel

F1- Solar Thermal Collector

  • Integrates with variable speed and staged compressors
  • All types of air-conditioning systems including air-cooled water chillers and heat pumps
  • Suitable for all types of refrigerant except CO2. *Ammonia panels are currently in R&D
  • 10-year warranty
  • Life expectancy of over 25 years
  • This application is often used in larger offices, grocery stores, shopping malls, factories & churches.
  • The most energy efficient refrigeration and air conditioning system in the world
  • Multiple off-setting tax rebates & or incentives.
F2 2

F2- Solar Thermal Collector Coming Soon

  • Details of the F2 model will be released soon
  • More efficient than conventional panel
  • ROI expectance to be much lower
  • Unique features like no other solar thermal panel
  • Patent pending design
  • 10-year warranty
  • Life expectancy of over 25 years
Smart Supermarket Control

Smart Supermarket Control

Will be available by the end of 2024

  • Real-time electricity monitoring
  • Real time control
  • Display cabinet control and monitor
  • Data uploaded live to cloud
  • Display cabinets with full control of EXV and Ref Pack
  • Alarm automatic sending facility
  • Wireless communication
  • Energy stabilzed and controlled similar to VRF comms
  • Multi point monitoring on live app for easy maintenance and management

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  • Real-time electricity monitoring
  • Monitor power usage 24/7
  • Real-time display
  • Full history
  • Configurable alerts
  • Mobile
  • Internet connection available next to apparatus order EBEM1-LV
  • Internet connection available not more than 100ft away from apparatus order EBWEM1-LV
  • Multi point monitoring on the same network order EBWEM1-LV + EBWXS3-LV ( number of points)